July 4, 2023

Top 11 Essential 8 Compliance Companies

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has laid out the Essential 8 compliance to mitigate cyber threats effectively. Many businesses require assistance to achieve and maintain these standards. This blog presents the top 11 companies specialising in Essential 8 compliance.

1 Tesserent

Tesserent delivers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, focusing on the Essential 8 compliance services. They have an expert team of cybersecurity professionals that help businesses from the risk assessment stage to the implementation of best security practices. Their deep understanding of the Essential 8 matrix makes them a reliable partner in cyber defence.

2 Huntsman Security

Huntsman Security’s technology allows real-time security monitoring aligned with the Essential 8 framework. This automated security solution allows businesses to detect anomalies and potential threats, allowing them to act quickly. Their compliance assessment and measurement tools offer valuable insights and reports that aid in decision-making.

3 Threat Intelligence

With a suite of cybersecurity services, Threat Intelligence has proven expertise in Essential 8 compliance. They help businesses identify, prevent, and respond to cyber threats with their actionable threat intelligence. Companies can leverage their services to ensure a secure digital environment compliant with the Essential 8 strategies.


AWD blends its ISO 27001 and Essential 8 compliance expertise, providing businesses with a secure foundation for their data and systems. They help create and implement security policies, conduct risk assessments, and manage a company’s cybersecurity posture. Their service ensures compliance while enabling businesses to focus on their core functions.

5 6clicks

6clicks brings innovation to cybersecurity with its unique platform. They enable businesses to effectively gauge, manage, and enhance their cyber risk stance. 6clicks’ platform integrates risk assessment, program management, and audit capabilities – simplifying compliance to the Essential 8.

6 The Missing Link

Offering a unique approach to cybersecurity, The Missing Link’s ‘ASD 8 as a Service’ provides a flexible, scalable, and comprehensive service that aligns with the ACSC Essential 8. They offer expert advice, cutting-edge technologies, and proactive monitoring to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats.

7 Data#3

As one of Australia’s leading technology firms, Data#3 has a vast portfolio of security solutions that align with the ACSC Essential Eight. Their team of security professionals works with organisations to create custom strategies and infrastructures that offer high levels of protection against cyber threats.

8 Deloitte

Deloitte is a global leader in risk management and brings this experience to the Essential 8 compliance realm. Their solution offers continuous monitoring, allowing businesses to maintain security standards and ensure ongoing compliance. Deloitte’s service enables companies to be agile and adaptive in the face of emerging cyber threats.

9 MobileCorp

MobileCorp provides an Essential 8 remediation service, swiftly identifying and resolving non-compliance issues. Their team of experts guides businesses through the process of becoming compliant, with ongoing support to ensure continuous alignment with the Essential 8 framework.

10 Intelliworx

Intelliworx offers comprehensive IT services, including specialisation in Essential 8 compliance. They always guide businesses through securing their systems effectively, from strategy development to technical implementation, with the Essential 8 strategies in mind.

11 PowerNET

PowerNET provides managed IT services, focusing on Essential 8 compliance. Their security experts work closely with businesses to secure their IT systems, helping them align with ACSC’s Essential 8 guidelines. PowerNET offers services ranging from threat detection and prevention to response and recovery after a security incident.

These companies deliver excellent services to help businesses stay ahead of cyber threats. The choice of partner will depend on the specific needs of your business, such as the size of your organisation, the nature of the data you handle, and your industry’s particular regulations. However, all these companies are well-equipped to guide you through your cybersecurity journey, ensuring your business remains protected and compliant with Essential 8 standards.